New Test Standards for the Building Enclosure

March 30, 2007
Publication: Journal of Building Enclosure Design p 44-46
Author(s): Vince Cammalleri Keleher R. Dalgleish L. Robson L.

Abstract: This article has been prepared to inform the readers of four new test standards that will assist in achieving high performance building enclosures. This content is intended to provide the reader with an understanding not only of the state of current development for standards and testing associated with air barriers, but also to identify the great dearth of work in this area and the need for a contributing effort by other building professionals. The recognition and acceptance of the need for air barriers in building construction is a new development in the industry that affects many areas of interest and much need for development. Prior to 2003, air barrier testing was very limited in scope and practice. Initial efforts identified individual building materials in their capacity to resist the movement of air.