A New Method for Collector Design in Stiff Diaphragms

December 30, 2009
Publication: SEAOC 2009 Convention Proceedings, San Diego, Structural Engineers Association of California p 339-343
Author(s): Mohr, Benjamin A. Harris, Stephen K.

Abstract: Traditional methods of collector design, based upon axial loads in diaphragms along lines of resistance, are most appropriate to use in simple configurations and with flexible diaphragms. Application of these methods to stiff diaphragms and complex configurations can lead to irrational designs. The authors have developed a new method for the design of collectors, based upon computation of global axial loads and moments within the diaphragm, with collector capacities proportioned according to the reactions of resisting elements. This new method produces collector designs that are both more rational and more economical when compared to the traditional approach, particularly in buildings with irregular floor plans. The authors include a design example, drawn from the seismic upgrade of a large concrete shear wall structure.

Services: Structural Design