Modeling and Analysis for Seismic Evaluation of Nuclear Structures

April 29, 2011
Publication: 2011 Structures Congress, Proceedings of the 2011 Structures Congress, April 14-16, 2011, Las Vegas, Nevada, ASCE
Author(s): Stephen Short Gurbuz O. Whittaker A.S. Shams M.

Abstract: Nuclear structures are typically reinforced concrete shear wall buildings constructed either embedded in or on the ground surface. Nuclear structures contain equipment, systems, and components that are safety-related and generally require seismic qualification by either full-scale testing or analysis. Evaluation of a safety-related nuclear structure is typically performed by dynamic analysis of a finite element model of the structure considering three orthogonal components of input motion. The paper addresses updates to ASCE 4 in the areas of finite element modeling, damping for multiple levels of response, modal response combination, frequency domain response methods, multi-step analyses, and nonlinear seismic analysis.

Services: Structural Design
Markets: Nuclear