Glenn Bell Delivers Keynote at Structural Engineers Association of British Columbia Annual Meeting

March 5, 2014
Author(s): Glenn Bell

On 5 March 2014, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc., CEO, Glenn Bell delivered the keynote address at the Structural Engineers Association of British Columbia (SEABC) Annual General Meeting, Dinner, and Presentation in Vancouver, BC.  During his address, Mr. Bell focused on a variety of issues including globalization, technological advances, the performance of structures in extreme conditions (i.e., weather), and economic pressures.  Additionally, he spoke to the overarching issue of developing the next generation of structural engineers.  Bell expressed that tomorrow’s structural engineer must be globally adept, creative, collaborative, communicative, solidly grounded in engineering fundamentals, and able to obtain reliable results with complex computational tools.  They must be skilled in designing to performance goals rather than solely by prescriptive methods and effective in delivering solutions that are efficient and of high value.  The demands of the future require more training, less specialization, and more and greater competencies.

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