Developments in New Zealand on a Building Rating System for the Earthquake Performance of Buildings

December 30, 2012
Publication: SEAOC 2012 Convention Proceedings, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Structural Engineers Association of California p 62-67
Author(s): Ronald Mayes Hopkins, David

Abstract: Christchurch, the largest metropolitan area in the South Island of New Zealand experienced a Magnitude 7.1 earthquake on September 4, 2010 and on February 22, 2011 a Magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred in close proximity to the CBD. There were over 170 lives lost and the earthquake devastated the CBD. Approximately 40% of the buildings in the CBD will eventually be demolished and the total estimated damage is in excess of $30 Billion or more than 16% of New Zealand?s GDP.|There has been significant activity in New Zealand since October 2011 related to the development of a building rating system for the earthquake performance of buildings. This paper will chronicle the New Zealand developments that have involved the NZ Structural Engineers Association (SESOC), the NZ Insurance Council, the NZ Property Council and BRANZ, a semi-government organization. There have been technical interchanges with the SEAONC developments reported in other papers but the New Zealand system will rely on their current technical standards. There is the possibility that in time the NZ and SEAONC systems will incorporate similar methodologies for determining the rating.