August 30, 2005

September 11 2001, Airliner Crash into the Pentagon

By: Donald Dusenberry, Mlakar, P.F., Harris, J.R., Haynes G.A., Phan, L.T., Sozen, M.A.

Abstract: The Pentagon was constructed between September 1941 and January 1943. A substantial renovation of the entire 6.6 million sq ft (610,000 sq m) facility began in 1999 and was scheduled for completion in 2010. On September 11, 2001, a...

July 30, 2005

Live load distribution widths for reinforced concrete box sections

By: Jesse Beaver, McGrath, Timothy J., Atis Liepins

Abstract: AASHTO introduced the AASHTO "LRFD Bridge Design Specifications" in 1994. These load and resistance factor design (LRFD) specifications included new provisions for distributing live loads to reinforced concrete bridge decks...

May 30, 2005

Building Design for Abnormal Loads and Progressive Collapse

By: Donald Dusenberry, Ellingwood B.R.

Abstract: A progressive collapse is a structural failure that is initiated by localized structural damage and subsequently develops, as a chain reaction, into a failure that involves a major portion of the structural system. The collapse of the...

May 30, 2005

Finding a Better Measure of Fenestration Performance:  An Analysis of the AAMA Condensation Resistance Factor

Abstract: As architectural products become more advanced, making comparisons between them becomes more difficult for designers. This is especially true in the case of fenestration products (e.g., windows, skylights, and curtain walls). The...

April 29, 2005

Suggestions to Engineers for the Review of Contracts and Preparation for and Presentation of Testimony

By: Cash, Carl G.

Abstract: A consultant and building pathologist discusses a roof consultant's preparation for legal actions such as depositions, appearances at arbitrations and in court, obligations as a witness and dealing with lawyers....

April 29, 2005

Importance of Wood Education in Structural Engineering Practice: Case Studies

Abstract: This paper presents case studies to illustrate the importance of wood-engineering education in actual engineering projects and applications. The case studies are based on real projects from our engineering practice and include...

April 29, 2005

Predictive Service Life Tests for Roofing Membranes

By: Cash, Carl G., Arthur Davies, David Niles, Bailey D.M., Delgado A.H., Paroli R.M.

Abstract: Twelve roofing membranes, including poly [vinyl chloride], asphalt glass-felt built-up, thermoplastic polyolefin, atactic polypropylene polymer modified asphalt, styrene-butadiene-styrene block copolymer modified asphalt, and ethylene-...

April 29, 2005

Professor Robert H. Scanlan and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Abstract: Among other pursuits, the late Dr. Robert H. Scanlan worked for nearly 40 years to understand the problem of bridge-deck flutter. This paper presents an overview of his work, with particular attention to the original investigative work...

April 29, 2005

Wall Cladding System Durability Lessons Learned from the Premature Deterioration of Wood-Framed Construction Clad with Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) in the U.S.

Abstract: Despite well-intended laboratory testing of individual materials and components, unanticipated and severe durability failures of building wall systems can occur when the system design does not adequately integrate the various materials...

April 29, 2005

A New Standard for Blast Protection of Buildings

Abstract: The Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Engineers has formed a Standards Committee to develop a new standard for blast resistant design of buildings. This paper discusses the proposed content of this new document...