March 30, 2006

Reconstructing the Bernie King Pavilion

Abstract: A longstanding and excellent client called with a unique problem. The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) was charged with maintaining the Bernie King Pavilion. Built in the late nineteenth century, the structure is an open pavilion...

February 27, 2006

Design tips for steel in low or moderate seismicity regions

Abstract: This paper provides tips to structural engineers who design buildings in regions of low or moderate seismicity. These tips are based primarily on the authors' experiences designing, peer reviewing, and investigating steel-framed...

January 30, 2006

Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Parking Structures: Part 1

Abstract: This article discusses the deterioration of older concrete parking structures, the type of testing available to determine the structure's condition, and how to estimate the future performance of repair and protection alternatives....

December 30, 2005

Seismic Design of Buildings - Chapter 19

By: Ronald Hamburger, Scawthorn, Charles

Continuing the tradition of the best-selling Handbook of Structural Engineering, this second edition is a comprehensive reference to the broad spectrum of structural engineering, encapsulating the theoretical, practical, and computational aspects...

December 30, 2005

Lessons Learned: Structural Upgrade of Sutro Tower

Sutro Tower, in San Francisco, California is a 770-foot high, freestanding steel broadcast tower supporting three main, 215-foot high antenna structures and numerous ancillary broadcast equipment. It is owned and operated by a consortium of the...

December 30, 2005

Performance of Thermoplastic Pipe Under Highway Vehicle Loading

By: Jesse Beaver, McGrath, Timothy J.

Abstract: DOTs are interested in developing guidelines for use of large diameter corrugated HDPE pipe buried under roadways with shallow fill, but this application has not been studied extensively. A pooled fund study consisting of full-scale...

December 30, 2005

Balancing Pipe and Backfill Requirements in Difficult Installation Conditions

By: Phillip Sharff, Timothy J. McGrath

Engineers provide the best service to their clients by optimizing the cost of projects without affecting the quality or performance. Since buried pipe performance is the result of interaction of both the pipe and the surrounding soil embedment,...

Keywords:Buried, Pipe
December 30, 2005

Field Load Testing: Chapter 21

In Structural Condition Assessment, editor-in-chief Robert T. Ratay gathers together the...

December 30, 2005

Designing and specifying self-adhering flashings for the window-wall interface

Abstract: Self-adhering flashings provide a flexible and durable material that conforms to various wall planes, particularly those occurring in recessed wall openings. New flashing methods for the window-wall interface are available for this...

December 30, 2005

Management of Utah Highway Culverts

By: Jesse Beaver, McGrath, Timothy J.

Abstract: More than 47,000 culverts have been installed under the highways of Utah. The Utah Department of Transportation (DOT) maintains these culverts but has no comprehensive system for assessing condition and planning maintenance activities....