2009 NEHRP Provisions and Their Relationship to ASCE/SEI 7-10

May 30, 2010
Publication: Structures Congress 2010, Proceedings Of The 2010 Structures Congress, May 12-15, 2010, Orlando, Florida, ASCE p 2258-2262
Author(s): Hamburger, Ronald O.

Abstract: The ASCE/SEI Seismic Design Provisions embody the seismic design requirements enforced by U.S. Building Codes. Since 1998, the basis for these seismic design requirements contained in ASCE 7 has been the NEHRP Recommended Provisions for Seismic Regulation of Buildings and Other Structures, developed and published by the Building Seismic Safety Council of the National Institute of Building Sciences under contract to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. BSSC has published the NEHRP Provision since 1985. The BSSC Provision provide a forum for new seismic design criteria including to be developed under an informal consensus process, and readied for adoption in ASCE 7 and other standards. Traditionally the NEHRP Provisions have provided a vehicle for the development of new analytical procedures, new structural systems and even entire design procedures. The 2009 NEHRP Provisions were instrumental in the development of new seismic hazard maps included in ASCE/SEI 7-10 as well as design provisions for AAC wall systems and cold-formed steel moment resisting frame systems, as well as extensive requirements for nonbuilding structures. Importantly, the NEHRP Provisions are accompanied by a complete commentary to the ASCE/SEI-7 seismic requirements as well as recommended new technologies that are not yet ready for adoption into the standard, but which may be suitable for such adoption in future years.

Services: Structural Design