Engineering Mechanics

Owners, manufacturers, and designers in many industries, including building and construction, automotive, medical device, chemical and petrochemical, and transportation, require engineering, analysis, and material characterization capabilities to develop and build new products for consumers and end users. Clients also require expertise to help identify failure modes prior to prototyping, manufacturing, or construction, thereby avoiding costly retooling, product recalls, or rehabilitation.


SGH and clients work as a team to ensure safety, increase performance, and eliminate inefficient design while lowering construction or manufacturing costs. We provide a broad range of engineering mechanics analyses, including:

  • Linear/nonlinear finite element analyses
  • Material characterization
  • Performance evaluation
  • Design enhancement
  • Failure investigation
  • Safety and reliability analysis

Our process is to combine time-proven methods with new technology and an ability to work within the client’s risk tolerance and budget to provide the most appropriate and effective solution. 

SGH has the skills and experience in both numerical methods and other advanced analysis techniques, which include:

  • Static, dynamic, and thermal behavior
  • Inelastic behavior
  • Fracture, creep, and fatigue
  • Stability and buckling
  • Progressive collapse
  • Shock and vibration
  • Reliability
  • Structural optimization