Precast concrete manufacturers turn to SGH when they need great component performance because they value our high standards for design efficiency, constructability, and long-term durability. SGH clients expect outstanding designs and specifications. They appreciate that our engineering and drafting teams collaborate to deliver detailed shop tickets that integrate project specifications and drawings. As a result, they have the opportunity to streamline production and minimize construction problems.


Clients receive the benefits of in-house:

  • Multidisciplinary expertise that allows us to exchange and incorporate lessons from our design, investigation, and repair projects
  • Material scientists, petrographers, and chemists who provide in-depth knowledge of concrete behavior
  • Laboratory facilities where we evaluate mixture proportions, admixtures, and their interaction
  • Software modeling and physical test equipment that enable us to determine component strength

SGH technical personnel:

  • Work on projects in a variety of roles, acting as the engineer of record, structural engineer, piece designer, project manager, repair consultant, or drafter
  • Apply our inspection and rehabilitation experience to avoid design errors and long-term performance problems
  • Perform work that demonstrates the versatility of precast concrete components
  • Participate in PCI, ASCE, and ACI as committee members and editors of the handbooks, including ASCE 7 and ACI 318
  • Earn client referrals and repeat business through high-quality, end-to-end project delivery