Frequently Asked Questions


Fulltime Employees

Q: How do I apply for a position at SGH?

A: You can apply online through our applicant tracking system on the Employment Opportunities page, or if you need special assistance with the application process, call 781-907-9000 and ask for Stella Mereves-Carolan.


Q: What happens to my resume once it has been submitted?

A: Once your resume has been submitted, you will receive an automatic response informing you that your resume was "successfully submitted."  The recruiter will review all submissions and contact qualified candidates. 


Q: How do I know what positions are currently available in all of your offices?

A: You can search all of our open positions on our Employment Opportunities page. We post positions as they become available.


Internships and Co-Ops

Q: What type of work experience will I gain during my internship?

A: You will most likely experience many different types of assignments at SGH.  Most co-ops gain a variety of experience both in the office and in the field.  Tasks vary from office work, such as drafting assignments, litigation support, designing structural members, and structural analysis, to field work such as construction monitoring and investigations. 


Q: What are my chances of being offered a full-time position upon graduation?

A: The chances of being offered a full-time position upon graduation depend on what areas of SGH interest you.  Certain departments require graduate degrees for entry-level staff.  And of course all of this is predicated on the quality of effort and work that you demonstrate as a co-op/internSGH believes in the co-op/intern program as a feeder system for staff...


Q: Will I get field experience?

A: Most co-ops/interns spend a portion of their time in the field.  This varies depending on what type or projects are in the office.  Some co-ops spend up to 75% of their time at SGH in the field while others are only exposed to a few field assignments.  We do make it a point to attempt to expose all co-ops/interns to field experience in some way.


Q: What types of students does SGH look for?

A: We look for students with a combination of technical and interpersonal skills who thrive while working in a diverse and fast-paced environment.  Our ideal students have the aptitude, attitude, skills, and initiative to work collaboratively as a member and/or leader of a team.  Commonly, we look for college students who have already completed their second year at an accredited college or university.


Q: Will I be paid for my internship/co-op assignment?

A: Yes, students are paid an hourly rate based on their academic level, prior internship or co-op experience, and industry market data.  Interns and co-ops are also eligible to receive sick benefits.


Q: Which SGH locations have internships or co-op assignments?

A: SGH offers internships and co-op opportunities at all five locations.


Q: Does SGH offer any financial support towards helping me relocate to my work location?

A:  Yes. Co-ops/Interns will receive an allowance for one-way travel IF they are temporarily relocating more than 100 miles.