SGH Staff Presents at AEI Conference and Baha’i Temple Wins Most Innovative Project Award

April 3, 2015

The Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI) Conference took place from 24 – 27 March 2015 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and drew more than 300 attendees.  The conference offered an opportunity for members of the building construction industry, including structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, construction management professionals, and architects to learn about and discuss advanced strategies and state-of-the-art practices of building technology.  SGH had a tremendous presence at the conference.

SGH’s work on the Baha’i Temple also received recognition at the AEI conference when it was awarded with both the Award of Merit in Architectural Engineering Integration and Most Innovative Project Award for a project under $100M.  The AEI professional project awards were designed to publicly acknowledge outstanding achievement in design and construction.  Amy Hackney accepted this award on behalf of the project team and gave a 10 min. presentation about our work on the temple.

The following SGH staff presented at the conference:

March 25

Evaluating Prospective Energy Improvements to Masonry Walls, Emily W. O’Keefe

March 26

Strategies for Energy Efficient Buildings, Eric K. Olson

Detailing Glazed Systems to Accommodate Dynamic Structural Movement, Xiu T. Li

Coordination of Advanced Enclosures, Christopher W. Norton

BIM Practice / Integrated Project Delivery, Benjamin A. Mohr

Sustainable Recladding – Bringing New Life to Aging Buildings, Jeffrey D. Kerr

Sustainable Roofing – Considering Roof Function, Durability, and Integration with Building Use, Eric K. Olson

Architectural Concrete:  Design and Construction Strategies to Maintain Appearance and Limit Water Intrusion, Amy L. Hackney and James A. McDonald

Extending the Service Life of Historic Terra-Cotta Roofing with Fluid-Applied Waterproofing Coatings, Christina T. Parker

Common Causes of Flooring Failures on Concrete Slabs and How to Prevent Them,
Emily W. O’Keefe