SGH Principal Interviewed for ENR article on "Heavy Snowfalls Taking Toll on New England Roofs"

March 6, 2015

A recent Engineering News-Record (ENR) article titled, “Heavy Snowfalls Taking Toll on New England Roofs,” features an interview with SGH Principal Dominic J. Kelly.  The article discusses recent roof collapses and structural problems due to accumulated snow.  Dominic is quoted as saying, “Snow loads have varied a small amount over time, but current building codes in Massachusetts and much of the Northeast are adequate to support current snow loads.”  He continues, “Structures most impacted by snow loads are older buildings with lightweight roof structures and configurations that lead to snow drifts, unbalanced snow, and sliding snow for which they are not designed.”

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The article also appears in  ENR’s March 9, 2015 print edition.