SGH Hosts Chicago Lecture Series on Repair and Rehabilitation Projects

December 8, 2016

Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) completed a fall “Repair+Rehabilitation” lecture series last month at our office in downtown Chicago, IL. The series featured several discussions led by senior staff from SGH’s Chicago’s office on the structural and building enclosure systems of existing buildings. Close to 200 professionals from across the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry took part in the seminars to learn about these types of projects and share ideas with their peers.

There are many unique challenges that owners, property managers, engineers, architects, and contractors face when repairing and rehabilitating existing buildings. These conversations are critical to help all project stakeholders understand existing buildings, discover hidden conditions, and evaluate possible solutions.

Amy Lamb Woods kicked off the lecture series by presenting “The Repair & Rehabilitation Project Process – An Engineer’s Perspective.” At the session, she discussed how process planning from investigation through construction can help project teams understand building systems and make appropriate decisions for both budget and schedule. 

After this overview, later sessions provided more specifics to help participants understand key building materials and systems, including the following:

  • Kevin Conroy presented “Masonry Repair & Rehabilitation” and gave an overview of how structural and wall systems using brick, stone, terra cotta, and similar materials function over time. He also explained how properly diagnosing and rehabilitating deteriorated masonry facades is essential to protecting existing buildings and ensuring safety.
  • Jared Brewe presented “Concrete Repair & Rehabilitation” and discussed how reinforced concrete can fail when exposed to weather, moisture, and deicing salts over time. He also shared common causes for concrete erosion and examples of how to assess and repair concrete in rehabilitation projects. 
  • Emily O’Keefe presented “Roofing and Plaza Repair & Rehabilitation” and talked about how modern roofing and plaza waterproofing systems have expanded and become more complicated. The session explored how these projects support green space, pavers, pedestrian traffic, and site runoff limits through long-term design for water infiltration and deterioration. 
  • David Sacks presented “Window and Glazing System Upgrade & Replacement” and looked at the differences in historic and modern fenestration. He also discussed how details for these systems – including installation, anchoring, and flashing – are critical for performance and identified options for repair, upgrade, and replacement. 

To learn more about future seminars and presentations, visit our Events page.