Andrea Bono, Stephen Bono Describe Blue Roof Design Considerations in Building Enclosure Magazine

April 18, 2017

Building Enclosure magazine recently posted an overview on blue roof design written by Simpson Gumpertz & Heger (SGH) authors. In “Design Considerations for Blue Roofs: Don’t Get Inundated,” Senior Staff I Andrea Bono and Senior Staff II Stephen Bono describe waterproofing and structural considerations for blue roofs. The authors summarize this stormwater management practice and explain how blue roofs can help reduce peak discharge on existing stormwater infrastructure, especially in urban settings. The authors explain that blue roofs “control the flow of roof drainage by increasing temporary storage and more slowly releasing rainwater by means of detention.” 

Many city jurisdictions have revised their stormwater management requirements for developments and redevelopments. “Blue roofs are an effective tool for owners and developers encountering requirements for reducing stormwater demands on existing infrastructure,” the authors conclude. “Specific challenges in blue roofs emphasize the importance of incorporating improved waterproofing design and details. Also, the structure should be evaluated due to the additional weight of water detained on a roof.”

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